COVID-19 Policy for Our Salons in Riverstown and Ballymote

New COVID19 Policy

  • Arrive at least 5 minutes before your appointment time.
  • Arrive with a facial mask for their own personal use, clients who arrive without a facial mask will be supplied with one at a fee, before being permitting entrance to the salons.
  • Come unaccompanied. There is no waiting area. We also ask bridal trials to come unaccompanied.
  • Clients arriving late for their appointments may be turned away, as we need to adhere to social distancing numbers at any one time in the salon.
  • Our prices are not increasing in the salon on services, however colouring services that have exceeded root regrowth, will be charged full colour prices.
  • We will have a small PPE surcharge.
  • Your designated stylist will also be supplied with full PPE.
  • For our older or vulnerable customers, we will have private rooms in both salons that any client can avail of on request.
  • We are currently removing dry cutting facilities from our services in our salons, all clients must have their hair freshly washed in the salons.
  • We recommend using contactless payment where possible. Cash will be excepted.
  • We ask customer not to bring coats or jackets into the salon.
  • All magazines will be removed from the salons.
  • Tea and coffee facilities will be served in disposable cups.

What To Expect On Arrival

Remember to bring your own face mask but please do not bring a coat or jacket.

  • On arriving, please ring the salons to inform us, we will then instruct you to wait in your cars until your called for your appointment.
  • When your stylist is ready, you will be called from your car, where you will sanitise and have thermal screening done at our outdoor sanitizing stations.
  • Only temperatures 37.5 and under will be permitted into our salons, temperatures exceeding this will be asked to reschedule to another day.
  • We will then welcome you into the salon, where you will be given a PPE pack, which will include biodegradable towels and disposable gowns.

Children’s Appointments

  • we are currently  processing our backlog of appointments from March and we will be excepting children’s cutting service (by appointment) in early part of the week when we reopen, once we have cleared the backlog. There will be no dry cuts available and walk in appointments are currently unavailable. Our guidelines will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

We look forward to welcome you back into our salons,

Gemma Crossan,

Owners, Hot Head Hair Salon & Gemma Crossan Award Winning Hair