Flora & Curl – Insulated Shower Cap


Flora & Curl designed – dual-purpose insulated shower cap

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A gorgeous shower cap to beautify your wash day with increased benefits than your standard shower cap. Flora & Curl’s uniquely designed, dual-purpose shower cap elevates your wash day experience instantly. It is hand-woven with love to boost hair conditioning.

The waterproof outside layer features our signature hand-drawn botanicals. The inside layer features a soft and thick insulated lining, that is deeply woven to deliver warmth and snug comfort. Your curls will thank you!

On wash day, use it in 2 ways:

Shower cap – Hair is kept dry at all times, with an elasticated opening that expands and contracts for a snug fit that won’t let a drop of water inside.
Heat cap – Flip it on the other side, and you have an insulated heat cap to instantly warm up your conditioning treatment.

Key Benefits

More effective conditioning treatments – Without any cords or hassle, our uniquely designed, Insulated Shower Cap increases the temperature inside the cap, encouraging the cuticles to open up quicker during deep conditioning, hot oil or other heat treatments. Your curls will be nourished and conditioned faster from the extra heat and warmth. You may enjoy the extra warmth and comfort as a bonus!


• As a shower cap: Place it over the hair during your shower with the waterproof side facing outward.
• As a heat cap: Place it over the hair during a deep conditioning treatment, with the waterproof side facing inward.
Tip – You can use it to support a heat treatment after applying either the the Rose Water & Honey Cream Conditioner or the Curl Refresh Clay Wash or the African Citrus Superfruit Hair Oil.

Textile Composition

Our unique blend of fabric is composed of Polyester. Size: 25cm / 10in diameter.


Care: Easy to wash and dry. Hand wash mainly, or machine wash on a 30C / 86F delicate cycle. Hang to dry quickly, preferably with heat.

Cruelty Free / Vegan

Cruelty free



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