Oncology Aesthetics

Gemma has received her Oncology Aesthetics International Certificate, allowing her to both treat and advise her clients both pre and post chemo and radiation.

For clients post treatment we offer a range of services and products to suit.

O2 therapy

We offer clients O2 treatment which is medical grade oxygen applied to the scalp, the hair naturally has a oxygen supply to the hair follicle, so by applying O2 we  add back lost moisture to the scalp and help rejuvenate hair follicles and also relieves irritation from loss moisture from chemotherapy.

Ammonia Free Colouring

Our Ammonia Free and Vegan Colouring is suitable for clients post treatment once they have been approved by there oncologist.

Vegan Hair Products

Nak is one of our biggest brands, Australian made with ingredients from the outback, its sulphate free, paraben free and its vegan, making it the perfect choice for delicate skin, as recommended by Oncology Aesthetics Ireland.